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Question about dual monitor output

Oct 13, 2002 — Mboffin, I notice on your webcam you have two monitors going. I'm wondering how you've got this working, because I've got an old pci video card and I think it would be pimp to be able to throw it in and have 2 monitors going with my new agp card too. Know anything about this? Some people on #computers said it was possible.



cstokes says:

Ok, I got it working. Just plugged in my old 3dfx pci card, windows 200 installed the drivers, and I changed the settings in the display control and it worked.


Photo Nerd says:

Gotta love that duel!

cstokes says:

[link http://www.5tokes.com/images/screenshot-(10-16-02).png]Here's a screenshot.[/link]

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